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keybin Svelte

Keybin provides easy to use JavaScript "notebooks" composed of nodes (text/code). HTML

Personal website

ts-bun-template TypeScript

Template repository for Bun projects using TypeScript

t5-large-ui HTML

Web UI for FLAN-T5 Large

bedrock CSS

SvelteKit template

amethyst TypeScript

Quickly break a file into two Svelte

No Description

trinkets Svelte

The open-source Markdown note taking platform

jellyfish TypeScript

🪼 Easy to use version control management

droneshell TypeScript

DroneShell is a controllable shell created to allow server administrators to control individual clients ("drones") that are connected to their network.

gcss TypeScript

No Description

deploydeck TypeScript


jellyfish-router TypeScript

No Description

markdown-processor TypeScript

quickmd - Very simple and small markdown processor.

blog-template TypeScript

No Description

autopipe TypeScript

Quick and simple automated script runner.

resroute TypeScript

Quick Preact server that supports SSR. Uses JellyFish Router as a base.

xecutable TypeScript

Quick and easy Bun compile utility

contree TypeScript

File tree text generation utility

feather TypeScript

Feather is an easy to use link aggregator designed to be quick and lightweight.

curiosity TypeScript

No Description

entry-workshop TypeScript

No Description

entry-cloud-plugin TypeScript

The Entry Cloud plugin is a self-hostable dashboard for managing Entry instances.

honeybee TypeScript

No Description

fusion CSS

Moved -

wsas TypeScript

No Description